Story writing in Klasse 7

“What happened at the cottage? Write a love story, a crime story or a science fiction story” – das war die Aufgabe  im Englisch FuF-Kurs der Klasse 7 von Karolin von Leoprechting. Was dabei herauskam, hat die Erwartungen übertroffen – hier eine Auswahl.

It all began in the Christmas Holidays in the Year 1500…

The five teenagers were very excited about their upcoming holiday trip, because it was the first time they would travel all alone, without parents or any other person to take care of them.

So three days later their ‘little’ trip to the mysterious ice cottage began.

The two girls and the three boys were huge fans of skiing and that’s the main reason they went there! They knew that they had to be at least 18 years old to go there, unless you had your parents with you. But it didn’t matter this time, because their cottage was deserted. By the way: At the time they were between 14 and 15 years old.

When they finally arrived on the big ice shell, they were happy and thought that the holidays would be the greatest they’ve ever had. But they didn’t know that it was going to be the opposite…

There was a ‘fake Santa’ living near the cottage and he was waiting hundreds of years for somebody to visit his shell again. 324 years ago, in 1176, a family of four went there and none of them were ever seen again. But the five teenagers didn’t know that and their first night (the night of the 23rd of December) something very mysterious happened…

The ‘fake Santa’ (let’s call him Fanta) silently opened the window with a laser (he brought it from the future) and stole all their food and all their valuables.

When they woke up, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Their bags had been opened and were emptied. The window was destroyed and there were footsteps in front of it, which were very big and looked weird. They looked like huge feet of a bird and they were!!

Fanta is a mutant that was sent by the “dark universe” to ruin Christmas of the “bright universe”. He had the feet of a bird, the head of a crocodile, the body of a human and the arms of a gorilla. The following nights he stole nearly everything they had, except their micro-camera.

He didn’t see it.

The teens were confused…What could they do???

Then one of them had the fantastic idea to hide the tiny camera on a desk, to see which bully had stolen all their stuff.

The next night Fanta came again to steal their final belongings, but he didn’t know about the little trick, so he just left when he noticed that nothing was there. The next morning the five teens checked the tape and they were very shocked.

They had never seen such a creature before…They were very panicked and wanted to call the police but Fanta wasn’t dumb!

He destroyed all the cables, so they weren’t able to call anybody!

Their coach was coming in four days, so they had to walk to the next central station and that was 75 km away! But they didn’t worry about that because they were way too afraid to stay there. After one day they had reached half-way. Three hours later they arrived at a few seats. From that point there were just 30 km left and they rested on their seats to drink some tea, because it was very cold. But what was that?! There was a very deep hole in the ground.

The teens were confused again…They sneaked up very quietly and when they looked inside the hole, they thought it was over!

A ‘crocodile’ stared at them with big eyes and suddenly Fanta jumped out and shouted “You silly idiots! This is the perfect moment for me to complete my plan! Now, that I stole all of your things, I’m going to steal you too! Then I’ll cook you and finally I’m going to eat you!!!”

The five teens were scared and shocked at the same time.

Joe, the oldest of them didn’t know what to do. So he just tried to punch his crocodile face, but the Fanta’s strong gorilla arms prevented the attack. Now he was really mad! The ‘fake Santa’ had a huge bag with him and tried to put the five teenagers in it. The teenagers fought back until one of the girls hit Fanta in the pit of the stomach by accident and they didn’t know that this was his weak spot. He crumbled and they exploited it.

They took the bag, pushed him into his shelter and they threw the bag into the hole, so he couldn’t see anymore. Then the teens ran away and promised themselves to keep the whole trip a secret.

The last thing that they heard was Fanta cursing loudly…

When they arrived at the central station they were out of breath. When the new coach arrived, they entered it and slept the whole ride.

When they all arrived home, they wrote everything in their diaries and as agreed, they told their families that they were in a youth hostel just 10 km away and that there was a full-time supervisor with them.

Yeah, it was a lie but their families wouldn’t have believed them anyway.



by ADAM Karama, 7a




It all began when Laura, a small young adult who had just previously finished school, invited her friends to go on a Christmas holiday.

The day of their departure was the 24th of December. Snowflakes were falling down in front of their bus’s window, while they were listening to their favourite Christmas song ‘Last Christmas’. Laura, her best friend Kelly, her secret crush Kevin and the twins, Jakob and Joana were talking and laughing. Finally, after many hours, they arrived in the snow covered mountains of Switzerland. After they had taken their luggage out of the trunk, they dashed through the snow to their hut. It was a small wooden hut. When they entered their hut, they first looked around. The hut was wonderfully furnished, but there were no Christmas decorations yet. So Laura decided to stay in the hut and start decorating it. The others would go and get a Christmas tree. Because Laura had told Kelly about her “secret” crush, Kelly suggested and said aloud, “Laura shouldn’t be here all alone. Hmmm… Oh, Kevin! What about you?!” Kevin grumbled in an annoyed way. “Well, okay … I’ll stay with her.” Laura freaked out internally. “Fine, so me and the twins will go get a Christmas tree” said Kelly happily.


Shortly after they had left, Laura and Kevin started decorating. At first they didn’t say a word to each other and there was an embarrassing silence. Then Kevin suddenly started to sing “Jingle Bells”. Laura, who was standing on a ladder to hang some fairy lights, got a fright and fell down the ladder. Kevin immediately rushed to catch her. After a few seconds she realized she was lying in her crush’s arms and turned red. “Uhm….Thank you…?” she stuttered. Kevin grinned broadly. Laura turned even more red and giggled. They looked into each other’s eyes and there was again a silent moment. Laura’s heartbeat got faster and faster. Then Kevin said, “Now you’re getting a little heavy. Time to move on!” Laura turned back to reality and started to stutter again “Ok-Uhm. I mean of course!” He let her down and they moved on and started decorating again.


Meanwhile the others had climbed up a mountain. After a long search, they found the perfect tree. The twins began to cut it down, while Kelly was standing close to the edge. She was wondering what Laura and Kevin were doing…

Her thoughts were interrupted as she suddenly heard a big crack. She turned around and all she saw was the twins’ shocked faces. She looked down at the cliff and saw an avalanche coming down directly on top of the hut. Kelly shouted at the twins, “HOW CAN ANYONE BE THAT CLUMSY?!”

She turned around and started to dash trough the snow. But after a few meters she got stuck in the snow. The twins rushed directly to help but they also got stuck in the snow!

Meanwhile in the hut, Kevin and Laura noticed the avalanche. Kevin started to panic while Laura was trying to make a plan. “Let’s try to open the doors and windows,” she suggested. After two minutes they noticed that all the snow fell into the hut. That was quite a bad idea! Kevin pulled out his knitting needles and he started knitting. “What are you doing, Kevin?!” Laura asked. “I’m knitting. Can’t you see?!” Kevin said stressed. “Oh I am sorry,” Laura said. “I’m sorry. I always knit when I am very nervous” he explained. “Since when?” Laura asked curiously.

The atmosphere got better and better and they laughed a lot. They told each other some of their childhood memories.

“Once when I was seven years old, I buried all my money in the garden. 3 years later, I tried to get it back, but I wasn’t able to find the spot where I buried it – I still haven’t got it back!” Laura laughed and said “That’s so typical, Kevin!” They were silent for a moment. Then Laura said, “I didn’t know you were … like that,” Kevin smiled. “I didn’t know you were that cool either.” Laura turned red for the 100th time that day. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes again, their faces getting closer. Laura’s heart started beating faster. They closed their eyes, expecting the special moment.

But suddenly someone knocked on the door. “Kevin? Laura? Are you okay?” a familiar voice said. It was their friends! Laura jumped up and ran to the door. When she opened it, she saw their friends with a rescue team behind them. “Where’s the tree?” she asked. “Are you serious? You have just been trapped in a hut for hours, and that’s what you ask?” Jakob asked unbelievingly. “Uhm – yes?” Laura laughed. Kevin came to the door as well and stood next to her. They thanked the rescue team and went to sit on the sofa with their friends. While the twins told them what happened outside, Kevin discreetly took Laura’s hand. Kelly noticed it and smiled. They ate cookies and laughed for the whole evening.

The next morning, Jakob woke up first and screamed through the whole hut, “Merry Christmas, everyone! Time for the preseeeeents!”

As soon as they all sat on the sofa, Jakob started to give out presents and gave everyone except Joana T-shirts with his name on it. “You don’t deserve a T-shirt with my name, Joana!!” he said. Joana got angry and threw the licked sugar cane she had for Jakob at him. While they were fighting, the others went on. Kelly got Laura bracelets with their names written on them. Then Kelly stood up to calm the twins down! When nobody was looking, Kevin gave Laura a knitted heart. “I made this myself for you last night!” he said. “Aww, that’s so cute!” She gave him a hug. Kelly entered the room, she saw them and smiled. Her plan was a success!!

The End

(Valerie Baumann and Nona Nathan, 7b)



It was very cold, and it was snowing.

I got out of the car and hugged my mother.

“Bye mom, I will miss you!”

My mother smiled a little and answered, “I’ll miss you too.”

I waved at her one last time and went to my friends Victoria, Leo and Damon.

Damon…I stared at him for a while until I snapped out of my daze.

“Shit…Hopefully they didn`t notice that.”

“I am pleased to see you,” I said and hugged them closely.

They laughed a little and Victoria said, “We are glad to see you too Lici!”

Lici was my nickname and I had to smile.

We hadn’t seen each other for a really long time, because we all went to different schools.

I had really missed the three of them and wanted to have a nice time with them.

Leo was our funny boy, he always laughed and made jokes.

Victoria was like my sister and I could tell her all of my secrets.

But we were also rivals, because we both loved the same boy.

Damon…He was very cool and kind and…

But that didn`t matter. I just wanted to have a nice time with my old friends.

We went up the mountains via ski- lift and searched for our holiday home.

We rented a small, but cosy house.

Leo saw it and said, “Look! I can see it!”

We looked in the direction that he pointed at and finally saw it.

It looked very nice, and we went to the small house and Damon opened the door.

There was a big living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and two big bedrooms.

It was very cosy.

“I want to sleep with Victoria in this room” I said and went into the room.

“But the other room is smaller than yours,” Leo moaned.

“Girls always need more space than boys,” Victoria said.

I grinned and Damon sighed.

“You two are so childish,” he said and went into the small bedroom.

Leo followed him and closed the door.

Victoria and I looked at each other and we started to laugh.

Our room had two big beds, a huge window, a mirror, a closet and

a small balcony.

“I want to have this bed!” Victoria shouted and sat on the bed near the window.

I sighed and went to the other bed and unpacked my stuff.

“Do you like the cottage?” she asked.

“Yes…What about you?”

“It`s awesome!”

I smiled and went into the living room.

Damon and Leo sat there and laughed.

“What is so funny?” I asked.

The boys looked at me startled.

“Nothing…” Leo mumbled.

I looked at them questionably.

“Ehm…What do you want to eat?” Leo asked.

“Ì don`t care about that, you can decide!”  I answered.


I laughed and said “As you wish!”

Victoria came into the living room and we ate the pizzas.

“That was delicious!” Leo said and we all smiled.

He ate a lot of pizza, as usual.

“Should we decorate the Christmas tree now?” Damon asked.

“Good idea!” Victoria said and we started to decorate it.

After that we were very proud because the tree was very beautiful.

“Let`s go outside!” I said.

They agreed and we went outside.

It was very cold, and I was freezing.

“Should I give you my jacket?” Damon asked me.

“Uhm…You needn`t do that…It will be too cold for you…”

“No it`s okay, don`t worry!” he said and gave me his jacket.


“No problem,” he said and smiled.

I smiled back and threw a snowball.

“Hey!” He shouted and laughed.

He threw a ball at my face.

We threw snowballs for another hour and then we went back to the cottage.

After that we watched a film.

“50 first dates!”

After that we slept.

In the morning the boys shouted and came into our room.

“Wake up!! It`s Christmas!!!”

Victoria sighed and turned around.

“Get out of here!!!” she shouted.

“Nope,” the boys said and laughed.

“10…“, Damon said.

“9…“, Leo grinned.








“Okay okay, we will get up!!!” Victoria shouted annoyed.

We went into the living room and saw the presents.


“Santa came!” Damon said and smiled.

We took our presents and my present was a ring!!

It was very beautiful.

“Oh my gosh!!” I whispered.

“Do you like it?” Damon asked.

“Of course!”

“I want to show you something,” he said and took my hand.

I was very curious and excited.

We went into the boy’s room and he gave me a letter.

I opened it and read it

There were only three words.

“I love you”

I looked at him and I whispered back “I love you too.”

The end <3

(Vanessa Pöhl, 7c)