US Election 2020

On Wednesday, 4 November 2020, the counting of votes in the US started. The polling stations had closed and no more ballots could be cast for the two presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The two Q2 English Leistungskurse met in school at 6 o‘clock in the morning to follow the tight race for presidency on American news channels like CNN and Fox News. After Mrs Engel had brewed some fresh coffee and the room had been decorated with the American flag and our own election night posters, our party could begin.
We listened to the statements of both potential candidates for the presidency.
We also had a special guest at our party. Our American assistant teacher Madeline Lauver from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania joined us.


Madeline informed us on the US voting system and answered other questions about the US we had. Unfortunately, who would be the new President of the United States was still unclear when our first lesson of the day started at 8am.
It was a nice experience to watch such a globally significant event with all our classmates, even though we had to follow the COVID-19 measures to keep us all safe.

Catharina Derkum, Q2, 5 November 2020